Elbow Pain

Elbow painThe most  common  cause of elbow pain is tennis elbow, golfers elbow is less common. Both are a result of overuse or incorrect technique. If the area where the tendon is anchored to the bone is being overstressed, pain will result. Often this pain does not settle on its own. It will then require treatment to improve pain and elbow function. Exercises will also be prescribed to prevent re-occurrence. Despite their names, this type of elbow pain can occur as a result of other physical activities and a variety of occupations. All kinds of sports such as swimming, cricket, basketball and rowing can result in elbow pain. Many desk jobs with excessive keyboard and mouse usage can also create an overuse injury. To help avoid chronic pain please book an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners.

At APSS we take a different approach to the generally accepted method of treatment. We take our time to accurately assess and prescribe exercises that evenly load the muscles in question, instead of trying to unload the affected area. Our practitioners at APSS believe this way of treating this often difficult, painful and chronic condition will hopefully have you walking out smiling with the goal of restoring normal function to your previously dysfunctional elbow which resulted in pain.