Dr Nick Fallu (Osteopath)

Nick’s understanding of human movement has been cultivated through a lifetime of playing competitive sport as well as an uncanny knack for reading the human body and how it functions. Throughout over a decade of osteopathy, his philosophy has remained that we must all learn to listen to our own bodies better and become proactive about our strength and mobility, rather than seeking repetitive, passive treatment. He particularly enjoys working with active people to resolve longstanding problems that keep them from moving at their best. His treatment style is hands-on, utilising a large range of osteopathic techniques, as well as incorporating styles adapted from other modalities. Yoga is a key part of Nick’s own daily practise, and when not treating, Nick can be found on the golf course.

Nick is currently available on Tuesdays and Fridays at our Prahran clinic and is registered with all major healthcare providers.